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Impact Of Stone Crushers On Kashmir Valley

The present study was conducted to determine the Impact of KVKs in the empowering rural women in the year 2011 -12 in Kashmir valley. A simple of 50 per cent (400

KashmirFieldSociologyThis article explores how a conict zone complicates research. Safety and security of the researchers are major concerns, whereas respondents

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The current research paper is partially based on the PhD done by this scholar on the Pakhtoons of Kashmir valley for which purpose extensive fieldwork has been ca

Kashmir served as a gateway to the subcontinent. Today, there are indelible imprints of these East Asian on the socio-cultural ethos of the Kashmir

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Impact of the Probable US Withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Kashmir Valley: A Recap of the 1989 Scenario?Angana KotokeyAnchita Borthakur

Economic Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Cereals in Poonch District of Jammu & Kashmir Poonch is one of the most backward districts of Jammu & Kashmir stat

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In the larger conflict panorama of Jammu and Kashmir, stone pelting may be seen as an irritant, however the disruption caused in lives of people of the Valley, ph

The maximum temperature has increased by 0.5 0c per year in Kashmir valley and 0.80c per year in Jammu. Current model of climate change predict a rise in sea surf

independence from India and backed by various militant groups badly disrupted life in the Kashmir valley. FrequentLowImpact International Journal of Research i

The Kashmir Valley is divided into three tourism potential (TP) regions (High, Medium and Low) on the basis of Multi-criteria evaluation (MCE) of n


The paper would further explore what kind of impact it is generating on the employment of the youth through DLL lifelong learning programmes in Kashmir valley.Sur

Kullander SO, Fang F, Delling B, Ahlander E (1999) The fishes of the Kashmir Valley. River Jhelum, Kashmir Valley. Impacts on the Aquatic Environment: 99-168.Sven

Unfortunately, tourism is the major industry of Jammu & Kashmir state, and the slowdown in tourist arrival can seriously impact the state's economy.The overall re

discusses some important biotic interactions with typical examples from walnut orchard ecosystem of Kashmir valley.studying walnut orchard ecosystem properties

The background study looks at incidence of violence in the Kashmir Valley during the 2014 parliamentary elections and the correlation of violence to voter turnout

Cultural importance of the wild edible plants in Lolab Valley of Kashmir HimalayaSingh

Effect of stone-crushers dust on chlorophyll content of some economically important treesImpact assessment of Industrial Areas in Himalayan Region with major focu

Chief Justice D H Waghela and Justice Nagarathna directed the KSPCB to furnish details of the stone crushing units operating with the certificate of consent for

Villagers protest relocation of stone crushersVillagers protest relocation of stone crushers - India Environment Portal | News, reports, documents, blogs, data, a

change proneness cocoon marketing mass media kashmir valley impact of mass media exposure and innovation proneness on cocoon productiondoi:10./2015.3(5).453

Brick kilns are one of the causes of Environmental pollution and so is true about the district budgam of Kashmir valley. Most of the brick kilns in district Budga

de Jong, K., Kam, S., Ford, N., Lokuge, K., Fromm, S., Van Galen, R., Reilley, B., and Kleber, R., 2008. Conflict in the Indian Kashmir Valley II: psychosocial im